vineri, 19 martie 2010

I am the Pheonix!

Am facut un quiz pe facebook, asa de plictiseala si am ramas tablou...

"You are a phoenix at heart; you display a fiery and passionate soul within. In mythology, the phoenix is considered as one of the strongest and most feared creatures all throughout history. The phoenix personality represents a very lively, passionate person who often is not afraid to show their true feelings and stand for what they believe in. Although they might not get along with everyone, a phoenix is sure to stand out from the crowd and bring a warm atmosphere with them. Often very artistic, a person whose spirit represents the phoenix is not afraid to express themselves and their feelings. The phoenix is powerful and will not back down from the things they put their faith in as well as will fight by the sides of their friends until the end of time. Although sometimes they may get hurt, a phoenix always finds the will and strength to rise back up. In relationships, they are romantic lovers and always follow their heart. If you look into their eyes, they are often wild and vivid - full of desire and emotion clear as day. As the weight of the world bears down upon their shoulder, a phoenix may fade in their own flames and fall to ash - but as they rise once again from their own ashes with new life, they remind us all that we have the strength within to always move on and never give in."

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